Boveda Packs

Boveda Packs


Boveda's humidity packs for cannabis are the best way to store cannabis. The 2-way humidity control ensures you'll never worry about stale cannabis again.

Comes in 58% and 62% humidity, in size 8, which works on 30g of your medicine.

Save The Terps!!

For cannabis flower, the ideal relative humidity (RH) range is 58%-62%. Maintaining this stable environment protects against trichome damage, terpene loss, overdrying and mold. Terpene shields come in two different relative humidity (RH) options: 58% and 62% (Boveda brings your container to the perfect RH to protect it). Try 58% if you live in a humid environment or prefer drier bud. 62% is ideal for more arid climates or for fans of more sticky flower.

How to use:

1. Place your Boveda pack right in an airtight container with your flower. Boveda is safe to touch buds. (If your Boveda pack is overwrapped, remove that clear plastic before using. DO NOT OPEN the brown packet itself.)

2. Close the container—Boveda starts working automatically.

3. Replace the Boveda pack in your cannabis container after 3 months.

Check out the links below to the official Boveda website, it is full of useful information.


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