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Best Way To Consume Your Cannabis

Best Way To Consume Your Cannabis

At Stay Medicated Dry Herb Vape Lounge, we offer our members the chance to come and use our medically approved vaporisers for their medicinal cannabis. These devices are also available for purchase. 

Vaping is the recommended method for consuming medicinal cannabis, and it gives you the greatest benefit from your medication. If you are new to vaping, come up and learn how to use the devices and find out what you can expect. The flavours and the terpenes are just the start of it. 

You can also meet other people in the same situation and discuss the benefits of cannabis. Device and cannabis aftercare can be enjoyed here, in a judgement free area, over a hot or cold drink. There is plenty of Cannabis literature also available in the lounge for all our members to read including the most recent advances in scientific cannabis research. 

We are open to the public or why not book the lounge anytime for private use.